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Welcome to our web site!
The online home of the Colorado Bulldog dog. Yes a web site for the BREED of dog not the drink or the song, but the dog!


Many people have not heard about this Breed. . Often people will question if this is a Boxer or AmStaff cross. The Colorado Bulldog is a hybrid of modern day working bulldogs and bull terriers. (Much like a Olde English Bulldogge.) You will not find this dog or its ancestors in a akc book of breeds. Getting its name in the 1990's makes it not the oldest breed like a Rottweiler or Poodle. But never the less the history of the Colorado Bulldog is as old as any other breed. A true descendant of the tuff and loyal bulldogs of Northern Europe.  Some so called experts are rushing to judgment. They suggest maybe we are backyard breeders trying to make a buck off of a mutt. Well I am sure there is someone in this world with that idea but this is not that.  The CBCA breeders of this dog have put thought time and money into developing this wonderful dog just like any other. The Colorado Bulldog breeds true to type in temperament and general cosmetic appearance.   


You may ask.... How is the Colorado Bulldog different than other bull breeds that I am familiar with such as a English Bulldog or Boxer?
There are many similarities between the Colorado Bulldog and main stream bulldogs. Most have a under bite, rose bud ears, a wide stance, and have similar colors like fawn and brindle with white markings. But there are many differences. Main stream Bulldogs often times have trouble breeding naturally and birthing naturally this is not the case with the Colorado Bulldog. The Colorado Bulldog is a free and natural reproducer like its ancestors of hundreds of years ago. The Colorado Bulldog also dose not have the breathing problems that are associated with most bull breeds. The Colorado Bulldog has no problem keeping up with the jogger in the family. Yes this breed is by far much healthier and has much better longevity than it's more popular cousins. Most modern day bull breeds have Pug Shi-pa or Mastiff blood in them but the Colorado Bulldog dose not it is 100% bulldog & bull and terrier blood.
Well this dog is capable of working cattle in the mountain west or pulling 1000's of pounds on a cart, it is also a great pet! Loyal, loving, and people focused.

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Colorado Bulldog Club of America for the Colorado Bulldog k-9.  Park Falls, Wisconsin