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Colorado Bulldog the Working Dog


A Colorado Bulldog is a hybrid Bull breed dog that started in the United States of America around 1950.  Breeders started mixing working bulldogs with working bull terriers for rual use as flock and property guard as well as hog catching and hunting, but it was not tell the turn of the century that they became popular in Colorado. In 1999 the ARF ( ARF was the first registry to give a name in there stud book to the American Bulldog and the Olde English Bulldogge) Gave the name Colorado Bulldog to this hybrid dog. Todd Smith of Colorado Springs was the first breeder to register his dogs with this name. The ARF has a percentage requierment to ensure there is little to no terrier in this Bulldog. In 2000 and 2001 several rare breed and secondary registries opened there stud books to this breed. In 2005 Randy Schroeder started the Colorado Bulldog Club of America(CBCA 2005-present). Today NADSR Registers more Colorado Bulldogs than any other registry.

I am not a pit bull !!! Not that there is anything wrong with that.

The Colorado Bulldog is so rare that it is commenly mistaken for other breeds of dog. People will ask is he a Cane Corso? Olde Bulldogge? Standard American Bulldog? But more often than not is he a pit? Witch to most Colorado Bulldog fanciers is just funny. The pit bull or the bull and terrier breed that was first registered in 1898 by C. Z Benneit as the American Pit Bull Terrier or by the name American Stafforshire Terrier, is a medium-small dog with a standard calling for a lean and tight terrier with bulldog traits. The Colorado Bulldog is a medium-large dog that is bulky but athletic. The problem is people have a miscomseption of what a pit bull is. The large registries in the US allow for mix breeding and breeding away from the standards set for there dogs without reprucution and the breed has changed in 80-90% of the lines in the world. Many of the popular "pit bulls" today look more like a bulldog hybrid than a true American Pit Bull Terrier/AmStaff. The Colorado Bulldog is diffrent from any other breed in line, look, build,and heritage.  Terrier, Pug, and Mastiff traits all help mold most bulldog types. But the Colorado Bulldog should be more like its original 1500-1850’s working bulldog form. 

Colorado Bulldog? / Northwoods Bulldog? / Ameristaff Bulldog?

Some dog clubs choose to list the bloodlines of Colorado Bulldog as sepret breeds. Todd Smith's line as Colorado Bulldog. Adam Lattimer's line as Northwoods Bulldog. Some regisrtys use the term Ameristaff Bulldog for first generation Colorado Bulldog or Colorado Bulldogs that have been breed back to American lines of Bull and Terrier.

The Colorado Bulldog Club of America as part of NADSR gives regisrty to all of the bloodlines under the name "Colorado Bulldog" all the bloodlines of this dog have both root lines in there back round. However the bloodlines do have there differences.

The "Smith" line is the largest of Colorado Bulldog Bloodlines. Smith dogs have a lot of the big Johnson type white english bully in them less than 1/8 show type Bull and Terrier was used in these dogs. There dogs are well over 110 lbs. as adults. The Smith line is rare few breeders are involved with the line anymore.

The " Lattimer" or "Northwoods" line is not breed for size. It is a medium large dog. Breed for workablity drive and health its size is a result of breeding for those things. Adam Lattimer Sr. used many lines to create the Northwoods type. Show lines of Bull and Terrier as well as game lines were used. Lattimer like Smith also used Johnson style bulldog to begin but many of the breeders who have helped Lattimer or have lattimer dogs in there pedigree's have used Scott type dogs in there development. The Northwoods bloodline is the most common bloodline of Colorado Bulldog.

The "Ameriastaff" line is the smallest of the Colorado Bulldog lines. Its hight is simaler to the Northwoods type but it is a much leaner and leggy vs. bulky dog. They make good sled dogs and are known for there agility and speed.


Colorado Bulldog Club of America for the Colorado Bulldog k-9.  Park Falls, Wisconsin